Month: June 2017

live long and prosper

A perfect send-off post for summer vacation (and R.I.P., Leonard Nemoy).

Awesome work by Grade 9 student E.S. – she even added a brooch pin, so this can be worn in full Trekkie fashion.

Have a great summer, everyone! – Ms. T.


self-directed wood projects

I’m always excited to facilitate skilled students bringing in their own ideas! Featured here are projects by Grade 10 students: rolling pins and a game by J.L., as well as a stick-shift knob by J.T. (Engraving was done outside of Highland). Excellent work!

jeweller’s saw awesomeness!

Check out the incredible metalwork skills shown by M.B., K.S., and L.C. Each student chooses a design and carefully cuts it out by hand with a small jeweller’s saw. The patience required can be huge, and these students nailed it! (M.B. soldered her copper and nickel silver pieces together to create the husky). Great work!