Belt Buckles 2019!

Check out these amazing belt buckles created by Senior Jewelry/Metalwork students in Fall 2019! Each student comes up with their own design, chooses their layout, hand-cuts all shapes with a jeweller’s saw, and also learns lathework and MIG welding to create the backing of their buckles. Three layers of different metal are cold-formed with solid rivets, and students can choose to temper, texture, paint, and polish their layers to make them pop.

Fantastic work, everyone!


Cross-curricular coffee table

Grade 12 student C.B. designed this amazing table – he welded the base in our Jewelry/Metalwork class, and C.F. and W.G. in Senior Woodwork helped him out with the gorgeous cherry tabletop. Excellent work!


Welding at Highland

This year, we took over the welding bay, with plans to increase opportunities for Jewelry/Metalwork students to try out welding here at Highland. There are many great opportunities in our area for students who decide this might be a career option, including the Metal Mechanical Trades Sampler program at Isfeld (more information here), and the Trades Training apprenticeship/scholarship program at North Island College Campbell River (more information here). Pieces below completed by CB and JB in Grade 12.