Belt Buckles 2019!

Check out these amazing belt buckles created by Senior Jewelry/Metalwork students in Fall 2019! Each student comes up with their own design, chooses their layout, hand-cuts all shapes with a jeweller’s saw, and also learns lathework and MIG welding to create the backing of their buckles. Three layers of different metal are cold-formed with solid rivets, and students can choose to temper, texture, paint, and polish their layers to make them pop.

Fantastic work, everyone!

Copper Enamelling!

In Spring 2019, a few students decided to try their hand at creating some copper enamelling pieces, with some incredible results! Earrings hand cut, domed, and enamelled by C.H. and V.P. in Grade 11. Belt buckle (first attempt at enamelling this project!) done by V.P.

Impressive Belt Buckle

Unbelievable work by L.B. in Grade 12: this piece should be in an art gallery! Belt buckle layered with aluminum, hammered copper, and steel, held together with copper rivets. All cutting done by hand with a jewelry saw. Lots of hard work and care went into this project, and it paid off big-time.


belt buckles!

So impressed by everyone’s hard work on this final Senior Jewelry project: definitely a success! Featured here are: D.B. (Zelda), J.W. (gear), K.M. (Crooks & Castle), M.T. (Rx), T.G. (Pokemon), B.M. (Fear No Fish), and J.L. (Gone Fishin). All cutting and piercing done by hand with jewelry saws, and 3 layers of chosen metals are hand-riveted together. Fantastic job, folks!