Spider Bench, Spider bench…

…does whatever a spider-bench does!

This year’s Introduction to Trades students are doing a Bench Challenge, where they must design and build a bench that both of them (or 3 of them) can sit on, with limited 2×4 lumber and all basic carpentry tools and machines used. T.C. and L.R. in Grade 9 went above and beyond, and even had time to paint their project. Great work!

Cedar bench

This beauty was created as a self-directed project by E.A. and J.L.L. in Trades 10! Crafted out of cedar, this bench is heading out to the Cumberland forest, on a mountain bike trail being built by E.A. himself. Excellent work, and can’t wait to see it on future rides!

Community Project – Daycare Picnic Tables!

Our Fall 2018 Trades 9/10 students created these amazing kids’ picnic tables. All of them were donated to local daycares as a Community-Building project here in the Comox Valley. It’s so rewarding for our students to see their work being used by others in our community, especially when we have the wee ones come by our shops to pick them up! Great work, everyone.