Creative Projects

An assortment of creative projects designed and created by our Spring 2019 Senior Jewelry students. V.P. in Grade 11 wanted to try something a bit different, and riveted, shaped, and tempered the multi-layer flower pictured here. Also included are sweat-soldered projects, and a bestie puzzle pendant (one piece for each of six pals). Amazing work, everyone!

Self-Directed Pierced projects

Gorgeous work by N.M. in Grade 12, including Christmas ornaments and some upcycled spoon jewellers saw window hangings. Wow!

Junior jewellers saw projects, Part 2

WOW! Most of the work featured here was the first time students ever used a jeweller’s saw! Students choose an image, transfer it to metal, and cut it all out by hand. Some students chose to try their hand at sweat-soldering two pieces together. Incredible work, everyone!