Month: February 2016

Impressive Belt Buckle

Unbelievable work by L.B. in Grade 12: this piece should be in an art gallery! Belt buckle layered with aluminum, hammered copper, and steel, held together with copper rivets. All cutting done by hand with a jewelry saw. Lots of hard work and care went into this project, and it paid off big-time.



belt buckles!

So impressed by everyone’s hard work on this final Senior Jewelry project: definitely a success! Featured here are: D.B. (Zelda), J.W. (gear), K.M. (Crooks & Castle), M.T. (Rx), T.G. (Pokemon), B.M. (Fear No Fish), and J.L. (Gone Fishin). All cutting and piercing done by hand with jewelry saws, and 3 layers of chosen metals are hand-riveted together. Fantastic job, folks!