Woodwork Projects

EPIC dining table top!

THIS PROJECT. This is a one-off due to many factors – most especially J.M.’s drive, adamant proposal and research, and the fact that in 2020-21, we had a lot more flexibility due to double blocks. And WOW. Here are a few captures of this live-edge, clear epoxy resin dining room table top (a.k.a. “river table”). Excellent work, J.M.!!!!


Senior Woodwork Laminated Projects

In early 2020, our Senior Woodwork class kicked off the year with a simple introductory project to get back into the swing of things while we went through safety (many had not ever taken Woodwork, or had not taken Woodwork since Grade 8!).

All project dimensions, wood species, and details were chosen and designed by students. Of particular note are L.P.’s intricate moon woodburning, the gorgeous cherry and padouk serving platter with flower woodburning, S.G.’s live-edge platter, and L.S. overcoming some huge challenges and frustrations with her amazing chevron cutting board. WOW! Wonderful job, folks!

Woodworking 9/10 Cutting Boards

These cutting boards were many students’ FIRST-ever woodworking projects. Students design their dimensions, wood types, and layout, and learn most of our bigger machines (jointer, planer, table saw, mitre saw) through this project, as well as foundational laminating and layout skills. Beautiful work, everyone!