Self-Directed Wood Projects

EPIC dining table top!

THIS PROJECT. This is a one-off due to many factors – most especially J.M.’s drive, adamant proposal and research, and the fact that in 2020-21, we had a lot more flexibility due to double blocks. And WOW. Here are a few captures of this live-edge, clear epoxy resin dining room table top (a.k.a. “river table”). Excellent work, J.M.!!!!


Skateboard decks

This year was our first attempt at deck-building in the Highland Wood shop! E.M., M.T., and A.J. designed, pressed, shaped, sanded, and finished their own custom-built decks after some learning curves, and they turned out great. Painting done by A.J. on her longboard deck. Awesome work, everyone!

Cross-curricular coffee table

Grade 12 student C.B. designed this amazing table – he welded the base in our Jewelry/Metalwork class, and C.F. and W.G. in Senior Woodwork helped him out with the gorgeous cherry tabletop. Excellent work!