2021-22: Grade 8 keychains!

Y’all! It has been a LONG couple of years! Things are shifting into highlight reels for these past two school years, please enjoy. And of course, kudos to all of these amazing students for showing tenacity and creativity throughout what has been a challenging time.

First up: some examples of our first project in Grade 8, a copper keychain/pendant! Students learn the basics of filing, sanding, drilling, annealing, stamping, texturing, tempering, as well as adding a patina and buffing. Awesome work, everyone!


Memorial Ornament

This touching memorial ornament was commissioned by fellow teacher and counselor J.B. for her late father’s memorial tree. Students L.J. and K.C. took on this project and used letter stamps for the inscription, liver of sulfur to darken the letters, and some gorgeous wirework and an added heart charm hanging from the bottom. J.B. was incredible touched, and will cherish this gift. Thank you so much, L.J. and K.C. for being so keen to create this!

Guest Jeweller project

In Spring 2018, we had a professional jeweller and college instructor, Cheryl Jacobs, come into our class to talk about local advanced education and entrepreneurship in jewelry-making (See the “Other Awesome Resources” section on this website to view her work). Cheryl shared new skills with us, and worked with students in both Junior and Senior Jewelry. Pictured here are a variety of cuffs designed by students – these projects incorporated leather work, riveting, and texturing and tempering metal.