Month: December 2016

Lost wax casting with organic material

Lost Wax Casting isn’t just for wax! As C.S. in Grade 12 proves, organic materials like branches, twigs, and even bugs can be cast out of metal. After some experimentation, C.S. cast this cedar branch out of sterling silver: it looks incredible (in-process photo also included here).

Also featured is an unfinished sterling silver pendant cast out of a piece of Cumberland bark. Experiments like this are always welcome in the Highland Jewelry shop!



Creative pieces by Grade 9/10 students

These Grade 9/10 students wanted to try something a bit more advanced for their pendant projects! After designing and cutting out an image by hand with a jeweller’s saw, each student sweat-soldered their piece onto a different type of metal. Incredible work, everyone: I am so impressed! Browning logo by J.M-J., octopus by N.M., and howling wolf by C.P.