Month: February 2017

all in the family…

J.L. in Grade 12 re-cast these beautiful matching gold pendants from a family heirloom: one for herself, her sister, and her mom. A great example of how significant & timeless jewelry-making can be. Great work, and good luck on your welding ACE-IT program, J.L.!


Belt Buckles

Wow! Some incredible belt buckles came out of the Highland Jewelry shop this year. Featured here are pieces by R.P., D.G., B.G., T.G., and E.H. Love that textured copper on the bear claw and the tree, and the buffing/brushed finishing job on the “Hoonigan” buckle.


Wood lathe projects

A few wood lathe projects from last Spring, made by some of our keener Grade 8 students! First photo is a foot massager made as an early Mother’s Day gift by S.B., and the stylish fish-bonker was made by C.H. for a Father’s Day present (wood-burning and design all done by hand). Great work, folks!