Creative Projects

senior creative projects

Gorgeous work done by Jewelry 11/12 students. Each student chooses their image and metal varieties, and all cutting is done by hand with a jeweller’s saw. Pieces are then sweat-soldered, sanded, and polished.


jeweller’s saw awesomeness!

Check out the incredible metalwork skills shown by M.B., K.S., and L.C. Each student chooses a design and carefully cuts it out by hand with a small jeweller’s saw. The patience required can be huge, and these students nailed it! (M.B. soldered her copper and nickel silver pieces together to create the husky). Great work!

Creative pieces by Grade 9/10 students

These Grade 9/10 students wanted to try something a bit more advanced for their pendant projects! After designing and cutting out an image by hand with a jeweller’s saw, each student sweat-soldered their piece onto a different type of metal. Incredible work, everyone: I am so impressed! Browning logo by J.M-J., octopus by N.M., and howling wolf by C.P.


Incredible self-directed jewelry projects

These stunning self-directed pieces were made by M.F. (marlin) and J.L. (pendant) in Grade 12, and feature intricate hand-cutting with a jeweller’s saw, as well as complex soldering of different metals together. Impressive work!